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The sales of the largest upholstered furniture manufacturer in Lithuania - SBA company Kauno Baldai - increased by 21 percent last year compared to the previous year and crossed a record of 20.5 million euros in company history (2018: 17 million euros ). Rapid growth in product exports to the Benelux countries, Scandinavia, as well as increased order quantities in the new German market had a major impact on performance .

“We maintain a rapid growth rate. So far, our activity has not been affected by signals of slowing demand in Europe and a possible recession in the German economy. Last year, we entered the largest furniture market in continental Europe, Germany, and increased our revenue to one tenth of the annual ”says Tomas Mauricas, Director of SBA Kauno Baldai.

According to him, sales in the company's traditional markets in the Netherlands and Scandinavia also grew by double digits. This year, Kauno Baldai plans to further increase exports to these markets and double sales in Germany, where it has already found reliable trading partners.

With double-digit growth every year, the sales of Kauno baldai almost doubled in the last three years. According to Tomas Mauricas, the company's long-term basis for growth was provided by the company's strategic shift from private label production to its own collections. Within three years, the sales of own collections has increased from 48 percent to 75 percent. Such proportions are planned to be maintained this year.

“Our strength is our own products, as our buyers are looking for exclusivity and custom model furniture. We are a new and interesting manufacturer, selling most of our products under our own brand. Therefore, we expect that the results of this year's Kauno Baldai will not be significantly affected by the forecasts of the upcoming crisis and this year we will maintain double-digit sales growth. Of course, this would not be possible without proactive direct work with potential clients in export markets and in the production of our professional people, ”says Tomas Mauricas.

 Kauno baldai exports 100 percent of its sales to Western Europe:  to major furniture stores and online shops in Benelux, Scandinavia and Germany. The company employs over 360 people.


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