Our history

Since 1880

Our history

The history of Kauno baldai AB dates back to 1880. Back then, the company already had 200 employees and was producing bentwood furniture and parquet. The company was known under the name of Elena.

In 1954, the Kaunas Furniture Factory was established. It united three big furniture manufacturers: Lietmedis, Raudonoji žvaigždė, and Maumedis. In 1955, Kriūkų laivų statykla was merged with the factory.

In 1965, the Kaunas Furniture Factory launched the production of kitchen furniture.

In 1974, Kauno baldai furniture production association was established. The production of upholstered furniture, drying of wood, and primary mechanical processing of wood workpieces was launched.

In 1992, public limited company Kauno baldai AB was registered. By gradually merging, developing, and reconstructing Kaunas-based wood processing companies of various profiles, Kauno baldai AB has become a big company and the leading manufacturer of upholstered furniture in Lithuania.

In August 1998, Kauno baldai AB joined the SBA group.

In 2004, the company joined SBA baldų kompanija, which represents and sells the products of Kauno baldai AB.

In 2009, the company switched from mass production to flexible system, enabling manufacture of small-lot or even individual furniture. The plant “Kauno baldai” started manufacturing upholstered furniture collection under the name “PARRA”, the “SBA”-owned trademark.

In 2011, “Kauno baldai” was the first Lithuanian furniture manufacturer to exhibit its products at the prestigious Milan Furniture Fair “Salone Internazionale del Mobili”.

In 2012, as a result of experience and competence, AB “Kauno baldai” started to independently perform the functions of marketing and sales. The company cooperates with famous Italian and German furniture designers who share their experiences with “Kauno baldai” technologists.

In 2013, the second year in a row, “Kauno baldai” is granted the Labour Exchange award for the integration of young and disadvantaged people into the labour market. The company uses a cutting-edge business management system (SAP) and the system of “flexible production” (LEAN). For the third time in a row “Kauno baldai” collection of upholstered furniture under the trademark “PARRA” is exhibited at the Milan Furniture Fair, which is considered to be the most prestigious furniture exhibition in the world, as well as the major furniture exhibitions in Germany, Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates.


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